Spindeck Spindeck Progressive Balance Trainer
Trick List
Hand cast Rotatium base plates freshly printed and polished

Spindeck is designed to help all riders improve balance and fitness, learn tricks and develop new skills. Whether you are an absolute beginner, a competitive athlete or just someone who loves to ride, Spindeck is good for your sport and also good fun.

BALANCE. Good balance is essential in all board riding sports. Just 5 minutes a day on the Spindeck will tune your core balance and help you ride more confidently.

SPIN. Spindeck is designed to rotate freely allowing you to turn and spin on the spot. Spindeck lets you practice turns, develop your edge control and learn to pull 180, 360 and 540 spins all year round.

PROGRESS. Spindeck is all about progression, becoming a better rider and learning new tricks. Once you've nailed the basics you can pull any combination of turns, spins and grabs. Whether your dream is to pull a simple 180 or a backside 900 board grab, Spindeck will give you the skills and confidence to do it for real.

See what tricks you could be learning in the Spindeck Trick List. If you've got a question maybe its covered in our FAQs, otherwise drop us an email.
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