Spindeck Spindeck Progressive Balance Trainer
Balance Training
Spindecks are made from real 7 Ply Canadian Maple skate decks

Spindeck is designed to condition muscle groups specifically for boardriding, improving balance, fitness and confidence for faster progression in your sport. Spindeck balance training exercises are designed to help athletes in the following ways:

Prehabilitation - exercises you can carry out in your own home all year round. Improve your balance, strengthen and prepare your body for sport.

Rehabilitation - exercises you can carry out to rebuild damaged muscles and ligaments after an injury.

Spindeck is a wobble board customised to meet the needs of modern boardsport athletes. Unlike other balance trainers Spindeck allows the rider to improve balance in all four directions (forwards, backwards, left and right) and while spinning on the spot. Learn more about proprioception and the science behind balance training on our balance training page.

WARNING: If you are recovering from injury the Spindeck can be used in conjunction with an appropriate exercise programme recommended by a medical professional. You should consult your doctor or physiotherapist to determine the right time for you to begin training on Spindeck otherwise you could subject yourself to further injury. When recovering from any injury it is important to build back up to full strength slowly. Advanced exercises involving rotation and aggressive movements should be left until you have regained full fitness.
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