Spindeck Spindeck Progressive Balance Trainer
Every Spindeck is inspected to our high quality standards before it leaves the factory
Contact Information

We are always keen to hear from customers or visitors to our website. If you are a customer we greatly appreciate your feedback. If you are considering buying a Spindeck but still have some questions please let us answer them.

Email: sales@slamtechnologies.com

A bit about us:

The Spindeck is a product designed, engineered and sold in the UK by SLAMTechnologies.

At SLAMTechnologies we are dedicated to the design and development of equipment that pushes our sports to the next level. Only truly progressive products leave the drawing board and only the best materials and processes are used to make them.

The SLAMTechnologies mission is to provide high quality, progressive products to our customers. Products that embody the ethos of the sports they represent and provide continued enjoyment and satisfaction for our customers however far they progress.

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